Some years ago, I dplveoeed crippling back pain and sought a variety of treatments. I investigated the effectiveness of various options – physical therapy, surgery, etc. I found out that doing absolutely nothing was equally effective to any other option and realized that it is more about what I think and do than about what the doctor does. Since that time, it has been my firm belief that, short of a serious injury, most people can be actively involved in promoting their own healing simply through mental processes. The placebo is simply a scientific word for “healing oneself”. Science generally plays down the fact that this is a clear mind-body connection because the concept is decidedly unscientific sounding, and there is nothing to be gained financially from telling people they can do a lot to “think themselves well”. Also, there is the inherent risk of people thinking they can do so for serious problems and deciding not to seek treatment.To me, this is the true frontier issue in medicine. It’s not about better drugs, but about understanding this connection between psychology and biology and helping people utilize it to the fullest.

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4.3.3 Implementing the Amb Evaluator | SICP in Clojure

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4.3.3 Implementing the Amb Evaluator | SICP in Clojure


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