Current Status

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Remaining Tasks

Building the website
Task Status
Set up the site and install Drupal Done
Theme the site In Progress
Implement Typogrify module for “book-like” display of text Done
Set up syntax highlighting for Clojure In Progress
Set up syntax highlighting for MIT Scheme In Progress
Enable easy footnote creation and display Done
Enable collapsible blocks to allow showing/hiding original text and my edits Not Done
Add capabilities for annotations outside the page flow Not Done
Set up content types for exercises and solutions Done
Implement community editing and rating of solutions In Progress
Implement safe, spam-resistant system for anonymous comments with input filtering, sanitization, and syntax highlighting In Progress
Enable community features (Open ID authentication, personal bookmarks, maybe a forum) Not Done
Set up a blog to keep people updated on my progress and goals for the project Not Done
Conversion and annotation of the original SICP book
Task Status
Create the skeleton of the SICP book (table of contents, blank page for each section) Done, 130/130
Get the original content of SICP moved over and reformatted In progress, 54/130
Add the original exercises in Scheme In progress, 143/356
Adapt SICP’s chapters content to Clojure — replace all code samples, annotate the text where needed, etc. In progress, 3/120
Adapt SICP’s exercises to Clojure Not done, 0/356
Add Clojure solutions for all exercises Not done, 0/356
New content and links for both SICP and Clojure
Task Status
Add content on getting set up for Clojure development, starting from scratch Not Done
Add links to the SICP lecture videos and a guide to which videos correspond to which section of text Not Done
Add overview of differences between Clojure and MIT Scheme Not Done
Add links to other resources for both Clojure and SICP Not Done


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I’ve bookmarked here! Can’t wait to learn sicp in Clojure!

- Bak Yeon O


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I would like to contribute, how do I contact you?


I would like to contribute to this project. How can I contact you?


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Kickstart this!

You should do a kickstarter for this and get it done in one or two months, if that is possible for you. It’s almost guaranteed to get funded.

I will pitch in

Start a Kickstarter project and I will pitch in as well.











many thanks

I really appreciate your work on this project. I look forward to each update.

Dead as a doornail

Is this project officially dead or what?


Keep up the good work!


i have been having the book sitting in my shelf for more than a year now… not having the courage to getting serious with it. Also i have been hearing abt clojure here and there.. Then i thought why not harmonize both when i am ready to start for it. ie. learn-sicp-along-with-clojure .. googled for any leads…and here i am. Great!!!

I am really waiting to have this finished. goood job and thumbs up !

Current Status

Haven’t heard about this project for a while. Is there any progress?

Support via Flattr

Do you have an account on Flattr or Twitter? I would like to support the project via Flattr.

Reply to comment | SICP in Clojure

I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy
on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me
to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to
create your theme? Outstanding work!

Feel free to surf to my web page - tommy belesis

sum-odd-squares appears twice

On 2.2.3 Sequences as Conventional Interfaces, under Sequence Operations, sum-odd-squares and even-fibs are reformulated as signal-flow diagrams. However, source for sum-odd-squares appears twice and even-fibs not at all. Revision: 07/17/2009 - 10:24pm.

Can I help?

Is there anything you want help with? This is awesome, and I’d love to go through it, so the sooner it’s done the better :D

Contact me here:

Thanks for starting the good work!


I am new to FP. I am hearing great things about Clojure and am really looking forward to this site.

Just what I was looking for!

Reckon this will be a really important resource when completed


Sometimes the internet is like a magic wish-fulfiller. No sooner had I formed the thought that: you know what I’d really like, is to have SICP, except for Clojure. And here it is, kind of. Add me to the list of folks super excited by the prospect of what you’re doing.


Second that, brilliant idea! Can’t wait.

more words of encouragement

An excellent idea to update a classic text with an updated classic language. Thank you for your efforts.

can't wait

Looking around for info about clojure and found this!!
Just can’t wait.

Great initiative

A pity MIT didn’t take this approach to “modernising” their introduction to computer science! This is a fantastic initiative Corey - very much looking forward to seeing the finished book.

Do you need any assistance from the community?

A handy way to try out the examples in Clojure

A web application that lets you evaluate Clojure code

Ctrl+Space to change language to Clojure

words of encouragement

This is great… can’t wait until you finish. The text is a lot more readable than in the original HTML anyhow.

External contributions?

Hello! First off, thanks for setting this up — I think it’s a great idea.

Second, I was wondering if you have any interest in external contributions? Colleagues of mine are currently running an SICP Study Group in Clojure:

* — Vega

We’ve got some converted code up on GitHub already, with more to come as we work through the chapters:


If you’re interested in some help, feel free to send me an email here:



Is Typogrifer your own concoction? if so, is it open source? It doesn’t give many hits on Google.

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cheap bridal dresses

plus size wedding dresses

Nope, I was just being dumb.

No, it’s definitely not. And the reason it doesn’t bring many Google results is that I made a stupid typo (ironic, right?) on its name. Thanks for pointing it out!

It’s actually called Typogrify. I’m using a very slightly modified version of the Typogrify Drupal module, which itself is based on the Typogrify PHP port.

It’s an awesome library. It’s amazing how much of a difference something like this can make.


Ah, that explains the missing links. Looks like it wouldn’t be too difficult porting it to Clojure.