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Current Status

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Remaining Tasks

Building the website
Task Status
Set up the site and install Drupal Done
Theme the site In Progress
Implement Typogrify module for “book-like” display of text Done
Set up syntax highlighting for Clojure In Progress
Set up syntax highlighting for MIT Scheme In Progress
Enable easy footnote creation and display Done
Enable collapsible blocks to allow showing/hiding original text and my edits Not Done
Add capabilities for annotations outside the page flow Not Done
Set up content types for exercises and solutions Done
Implement community editing and rating of solutions In Progress
Implement safe, spam-resistant system for anonymous comments with input filtering, sanitization, and syntax highlighting In Progress
Enable community features (Open ID authentication, personal bookmarks, maybe a forum) Not Done
Set up a blog to keep people updated on my progress and goals for the project Not Done
Conversion and annotation of the original SICP book
Task Status
Create the skeleton of the SICP book (table of contents, blank page for each section) Done, 130/130
Get the original content of SICP moved over and reformatted In progress, 54/130
Add the original exercises in Scheme In progress, 143/356
Adapt SICP’s chapters content to Clojure — replace all code samples, annotate the text where needed, etc. In progress, 3/120
Adapt SICP’s exercises to Clojure Not done, 0/356
Add Clojure solutions for all exercises Not done, 0/356
New content and links for both SICP and Clojure
Task Status
Add content on getting set up for Clojure development, starting from scratch Not Done
Add links to the SICP lecture videos and a guide to which videos correspond to which section of text Not Done
Add overview of differences between Clojure and MIT Scheme Not Done
Add links to other resources for both Clojure and SICP Not Done


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