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Exercise 2.1

Define a better version of make-rat that handles both positive and negative arguments. Make-rat should normalize the sign so that if the rational number is positive, both the numerator and denominator are positive, and if the rational number is negative, only the numerator is negative.


Clojure equivalent for cons/car/cdr here

(cons 1 2) doesn’t work in Clojure; you get:

Don't know how to create ISeq from: java.lang.Integer
[Thrown class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException]

In Scheme, “a chain of pairs not ending in the empty list is called an improper list. Note that an improper list is not a list. ”

(cons 'a 3) => (a . 3)

To do the exercises in Clojure, one can use

(def x (list 1 2))
(first x)
(last x)

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