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Exercise 1.9

Each of the following two procedures defines a method for adding two positive integers in terms of the procedures inc, which increments its argument by 1, and dec, which decrements its argument by 1.

(define (+ a b)
  (if (= a 0)
      (inc (+ (dec a) b))))

(define (+ a b)
  (if (= a 0)
      (+ (dec a) (inc b))))

Using the substitution model, illustrate the process generated by each procedure in evaluating (+ 4 5). Are these processes iterative or recursive?

Exercise 1.10

The following procedure computes a mathematical function called Ackermann’s function.

(define (A x y)
  (cond ((= y 0) 0)
        ((= x 0) (* 2 y))
        ((= y 1) 2)
        (else (A (- x 1)
                 (A x (- y 1))))))

What are the values of the following expressions?

(A 1 10)

(A 2 4)

(A 3 3)

Consider the following procedures, where A is the procedure defined above:

(define (f n) (A 0 n))

(define (g n) (A 1 n))

(define (h n) (A 2 n))

(define (k n) (* 5 n n))

Give concise mathematical definitions for the functions computed by the procedures f, g, and h for positive integer values of n. For example, (k n) computes 5n2.


Clojure version of iterative factorial

Clojure doesn’t have tail recursion due to limitations with the JVM so you have to explicitly use ‘recur’:

(defn factorial [n]
  (fact-iter 1 1 n))
(defn fact-iter [product counter max-count]
  (if (> counter max-count)
    (recur (* counter product)
                (+ counter 1)


Very true! Makes a change to see soomnee spell it out like that. :)


1.2.1 Linear Recursion and Iteration | SICP in Clojure

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1.2.1 Linear Recursion and Iteration | SICP in Clojure

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