quote Rakesh> But why not tools that we gonna be using once out ?As in my previous post.. i put it in more smeilpr terms:tools you are gonna use? you don’t yet know what you are gonna use man, technology is something that changes very rapidly, if they were to teach you something you think you will be working on after you get out of univ now, you’ll be very disappointed when you leave univ, coz in 3years time, there’ll be an entirely new tool out there for you to re learn. If you are trying to escape the learning process after univ, its already lost mate, you need to learn by yourself to keep up to date. quoted from sundeep. T I firmly believe that there is a huge gap between what is delivered in class and what is expected from us in exams at times. I fear to be biased when saying yes here, but then, if you cared just stop looking at your own point of looking at things, you would notice that there are other persons who do get great marks .. which means the system may not be totally that bad (i do have my points against certains things i find wrong in the way things are done), but definitely, before saying such a thing do you give the necessary amount of hard work into what you do? I had been mediatating a lot lately about our rants against the system , yes its not perfect, but we students also have our flaws, most of us learn in the last minute, we have this bad habit, i have been (by passion *gud to learn ppl who you wish to S.E later * :p) studying the behaviour of a lot of ppl who seemed to rant about the system, and i have seen the efforts they gave in their studies also, i myself, i don’t give enougheffort in my studies (i have seen people work, and frankly, i am not surprised by the way those ppl work that they get great marks, they study far more in 1 day than I can in 3 days, i just can’t stop merrying around, and a lot are like me, and maybe you are like that also, so stop always complaining, why not try to work a lil more, then complain later :p ):p saying this coz it was the first time in my life i worked badly in a paper and came out with a smile on my face, i realized i didn’t work enough, so some marks doesn’t mean anything, as long as i still have the passion to learn more of it in my free time.aretE complain tou le temp.+$3|


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